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The Fire Marshal’s Office is based within the Henry County Department of Public Safety and is responsible for performing a wide range of tasks. Some of those responsibilities include code enforcement for businesses, acceptance testing of fire prevention systems, assist with plans review for new and existing construction, fire cause investigations, incident preplanning consultations for businesses, fire safety surveys in residential homes, and smoke alarm installation in residences. The Fire Marshal’s Office also assists with Emergency Management within Henry County.

To help mitigate fire and life safety hazards in Henry County, the fire marshals enforce the current Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code. This code is derived from the International Fire Code and adopted by Henry County. The Fire Prevention section (Chapter 9) of the County of Henry Code of Ordinances explains more about the responsibilities and authorities of the Fire Marshal in Henry County.

For more information on Fire Prevention and authorities of fire services in Virginia, go to Title 27 of the Code of Virginia.