Reed Creek District

Dr. Pam Cobler

Pam Cobler

Dr. Pam Cobler joined the Henry County Board of Supervisors on January 1, 2024, with her current term expiring on December 31, 2027. Dr. Cobler is a lifelong learner, having obtained several degrees in education including her Doctorate in Education Administration.  

Pam has previously served as an Early Childhood Education teacher, as the Director of the Piedmont Tech Prep Consortium at Patrick & Henry Community College, as the CEO of the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center Foundation, and as the Director of the AmeriCorps Program. She has served on numerous national, state, and local commissions, councils, and boards spanning a variety of different sectors in government, education, business, and healthcare. In addition, Dr. Cobler currently advocates for individuals with disabilities in government, civic, and educational agencies and organizations.  

Outside of her work in government and nonprofits, Dr. Cobler sings in a Christian group and is the author of children’s books. She founded Cobler Consultants, LLC, in 2022 to provide services that help with budgeting, board training, contract work for other businesses, tutoring, ADA training, success coaching, professional speaking, and conference and event planning.

Dr. Cobler can be contacted by calling (540) 520-8468 or through the County Administrator’s Office at (276) 634-4601. She can be reached by email at