Alarm Systems

The code of Henry County provides for the regulation of alarm systems. If you have an alarm system installed at your home or business, it is important to register that system as required by Henry County Code Sec. 13-100 so that the appropriate response can be made to any activations of the system. It is also very important to ensure alarm systems are in proper working order, so as to minimize the number of false alarms and unnecessary responses by law enforcement, fire, or emergency medical services. Henry County Code, Sec. 13-103, outlines a penalty schedule for excessive false alarms. Systems are allowed up to six (6) false alarms without penalty per fiscal year. Any penalties assessed for excessive false alarms will be billed to the subscriber on a quarterly basis. A warning notice will be mailed to the subscriber after four (4) false alarms to make them aware they are approaching the limit allowed by county ordinance, with the goal of correcting any malfunctions or other issues prior to reaching the limit.

New Alarm Systems

Please fill out this form and review the attached copy of the county alarm ordinance. The form can be returned by emailing or by mail to Martinsville-Henry County 911, PO Box 7, Collinsville, VA 24078. 

For any updates or additional information about an existing alarm system, please use the form below. 

Existing Alarm Systems

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