Mutual Aid Agreement

West Piedmont Planning District Law Enforcement Manpower Pool Agreement

This is a law enforcement manpower agreement between the counties of Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin and Patrick: including the Cities of Danville and Martinsville and the Town of Rocky Mount. The agreement provides each jurisdiction the availability of additional law enforcement assistance should it be needed to handle incidents such as missing persons, wanted person searches, natural disasters, riots, civil disorder, strikes, etc.

West Piedmont Regional Homicide Investigative Squad

This is a law enforcement manpower agreement between the aforementioned jurisdictions for the purpose of providing enhanced investigative capabilities in solving homicide cases. The agreement provides additional manpower and resources to each jurisdiction should these services be needed.

Martinsville Police Department/Henry County Sheriff's Office/Virginia State Police Regional Narcotics Task Force Mutual Aid Agreement

This is a regional narcotics enforcement task force between the above listed law enforcement agencies for the purpose of enforcement action directed at individuals or organizations involved in illegal drug trafficking in these jurisdictions. This agreement provides maximum use of manpower and resources to target illegal drug trafficking.