Pipe Materials

Please help us identify the type of material in your water service line coming into your home.

Below, you'll find information on locating your water service line within your house, determining the material used in the pipe entering your home, and reporting the water service line material information to the PSA. Thank you for your assistance!

How to locate your water service line.

Your drinking water enters your home through a pipe that connects the water meter to your home's plumbing in your basement (if you have one) or a utility closet where your water heater and/or washing machine are located.

If you need to know where your water enters your house, find the water meter on your property next to the road. A metal or plastic cover covers the meter. Typically, the water will follow straight from that meter to your house. If you have a basement, look for the water line where it comes through the exterior wall closest to the location of your meter. If you don't have a basement, your water line will enter your house, where your water heater and/or washing machine are located.

What kind of material is in my water service line?

Water service line pipes can contain many materials, including lead, galvanized iron, brass, copper, or plastic. You can use the information below to help you figure out your water service line material and/or plumbing material.

Descriptions and photos of different types of water service lines

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